International Road Transport

History of our company

The company was founded on March 11, 1989. Since then, we have been continuously performing international transport services. The development of the company has undoubtedly contributed to the reliability and meeting the expectations of the customer.

  • We serve in all Europe.
  • We specialize in transport to the Eastern markets-former CIS countries.
  • We have our own service workshop and TIR washer.
  • We belong to the Association of International Road Carriers in Warsaw.
  • We have transport insurance for 300thous. €
  • We are members of the TimoCom transport exchange 030333

We specialize in transport throughout the European Union and in the east, including the CIS countries. We have permanent EKMT I-II-III permission groups with the ability to drive from Greece, Italy and Austria to Russia. Since 1993 we belong to the ZMPD in Warsaw. We also participate in the TimoCom Transportation Exchange No. 30333. We provide truck repair services and parking services. On the premises of the company is the service of chillers Thermo-King.


We offer transport services on international routes using refrigerated set and tarpaulins adapted for carriage:

  • fruit,
  • vegetables,
  • mushrooms,
  • FMCG products,
  • dairy products,
  • sweets,
  • flowers,
  • medicines,
  • And other agro-food products sensitive to temperature during transport (fresh and frozen products).

GERDEX’s transport takes place throughout the European Union and towards the east, including the CIS countries.


In our offer for your disposal we have 50 refrigerated set and tarpaulin vehicles, Mercedes trucks ,MAN and Schmitz and Koegel semi-trailers.

Eco-friendly tractors of proven Western brands such as Mercedes and MAN and semi-trailers with 33 euro pallets.

All cars are equipped with cell phones and GPS tracking systems.


Contact phones:
tel.\ fax (+48)  46-814-20-38
tel.\ fax (+48)  46-814-06-14


Company owner:
Gerard Kaczmarczyk
tel. +48-601-18-00-18

Company address:

International Road Transport
Gerard Kaczmarczyk
96-230 Biała Rawska
Dańków 12
NIP 835-000-11-80

Mailing address:

International Road Transport
Gerard Kaczmarczyk
96-200 Rawa Mazowiecka
ul. Mszczonowska 36

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Forwarding manager:

Director of transport and forwarding:



Andrzej Lechowski
tel. +48 603 099 111

Tomasz Michalski
(English, German)
tel. +48 781 880 088

Paweł Czapski
tel. +48 781 888 800

Bartosz Woźniak
(English, German)
tel. +48 723 501 501


Chief accountant:

Anna Woźniak
tel. +46 814 20 38


Sylwia Warmińska
tel. +46 814 20 38


International transport, TIR car wash

Chairman of the Board
Artur Przygodzki
(English, Russian)
tel. +48 601 633 733


Repair of trucks and semi-trailers
Adrian Kaczmarczyk
tel. +48 601 454 544


Fruit farm 25 ha

Kamil Kaczmarczyk
tel. +48 601 353 353